Holleren The Beginning

  Willa   Willa just a tiny sprout, peered from the fresh dirt she'd only just emerged from into a vast sea of green moss. She was confused. She felt the heat and a breeze simultaneously, a soft breeze but still strong enough to shake her tiny stalk. Now scared and confused, she tried to bury herself back into the soil she only just emerged from. Above her, the moon descended and light rose at her back. Under the soil, everything was quiet and close. The vastness instantly caused the young sprout loneliness.  There were other seedlings under the soil she wasn't alone, growing everywhere around her, but here there was nothing.  Where the Moon lowered behind the rise in front of Willa a figure now stood. Was it another sprout Willa thought, are the other seedlings emerging? Slowly the figure moved closer, the closer it got the bigger it seemed to get to the tiny sprout. Once again Willa tried her hardest to sink back into the fresh soil below her but to no avail. As i
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